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Fast-food expert on why putting pizza in the oven is a mistake – how to perfect your pizza


Secrets of the Fast Food Giants is a brand new documentary, aired every Thursday on Channel Five. Only two episodes of the series have been broadcasted so far, but viewers have already learned a lot about the fast-food world.

The host explained why it is important not to cook pizza in the oven.

This ruins the Italian staple dish.

The best way to cook a pizza is on the grill.

Alexis said: “What you do is you put this in your oven, wack it up to your top temperature in your high shelf, and what happens is that it is so hot it cooks your base.


“It’s what you like, doughy, and gives the dough a time to rise because it has been cooked from the bottom.

“While the grill is melting everything above.”

Alexis then compared two pizzas, one cooked on the grill and the other in the oven.

Referring to the grill-cooked pizza, he said: “I think if this came in a Dominoes box I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, apart from the crust.”

Pointing to the pizza cooked in the fan oven, the host added: “This one tastes more like a supermarket pizza, like a frozen pizza.”

Whether it is better to cook a pizza in the oven or on the grill is not a new debate.

Top pizza chefs have long said that pizzas made from scratch are better in the grill as ovens are not hot enough.

However, Francesco Mazzei, Italian cook and Chef Patron of Sartoria restaurant in central London, has shared a tip on what you can do if you don’t have a grill setting.

The chef recommended: “To create a delicious, authentic crust, make sure your oven is set at its hottest temperature (250 °C) to prevent the pizza going soggy.

“Pizza cooking times vary, but I recommend putting your pizza at the very bottom of the oven for eight minutes.

“Then I move the tray up to the middle shelf for a further eight minutes for a delicious, crispy crust.”

Food enthusiasts have also joined in on the pizza discussion on Twitter.

One person said: “Who knew pizza on the grill was so good?”

Referring to an article by the New York Times about using the grill to make pizza, one person commented: “Can’t agree more on using the grill for an instant pizza upgrade.”

Another person added: “I need to try pizza on the grill.”

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