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Festival-goers can get jabs this weekend


Figures suggest they have prevented 105,900 deaths and 24 million infections in England alone. The message had got through at Reading Festival ‑ as Lottie Beard, 16, was among those getting her a jab.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid called the news about the lives saved “phenomenal”, adding: “With over 24 million infections prevented, vaccines are keeping people safe from harm and helping us reclaim our freedoms.” 

Meanwhile, five new UK research projects were announced ‑ sharing £4million to look at the longevity of vaccine protection, who is most likely to have an adverse reaction to jabs, and the effect of boosters.

And a study of 29 million people, in the British Medical Journal, showed the risk of a blood clot is almost 200 times higher from Covid than from the AstraZeneca and Pfizer shots.

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