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Food hacks: 5 vegetables you can easily regrow from scraps


The majority of households across the world will throw away – hopefully into a food compost bin – their fruit and vegetable scraps. There are some however, who might go as far as making a vegetable stock or soup with the cut offs. But, a new hack on TikTok is showing people how they can use their scraps to magically regrow a whole new plant. With a little love and a lot of patience, discarded ends of fruits and vegetables can transform. Here’s how to do it to five popular vegetables and salad ingredients. 

Garlic sprouts 

Have you ever seen your garlic cloves start to spread green tops? 

Once a clove has got to this stage it can be easily cultivated by placing into a shot glass filled with water. 

When the green sprout has fully emerged, it can be eaten like spring onions. 

Or, if you’re patient, you can transfer the sprouted clove into some soil and grow and new garlic bulb. 

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Spring onions 

Regrowing spring onions is one of the easiest and fastest vegetables. 

Take the bottom white end of the spring onion with the roots still attached and submerge into a glass of warm water. 

Place in a bright and warm spot and within days they will start to grow from the top. 

Change the water every three days and within a week, they will return to the full-length spring onions you buy in a supermarket. 

Take out and chop up! 

Note, using the same spring onion ends and roots to regrow a second time might not work, but try it out and see! 


Leeks regrow much like celery and spring onions, the only difference is the sheer size. 

Take a one to two-inch leek root end and place in a glass of warm water. 

Place on a sunny windowsill and change the water frequently. 

Within the first week, the leek should grow. 

Wait until bigger then harvest. 

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