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Food unwrapped: How blue cheese is really made – ‘fascinating’ process takes 12 weeks


Food Unwrapped goes behind the scenes of several production lines to find out exactly how food items are made. On tonight’s episode of Food Unwrapped on Channel 4, viewers found out just exactly how blue cheese is made. 

Andrea visited Derbyshire where she found out exactly how the cheese was made at Hartington Creamery in Matlock.

Meeting Alan Salt, the presenter said: “I’ve arrived just as the new batch of stilton is starting life.

“It’s a British institution we’ve been making for more than 300 years.”

Alan said: “This batch of curd will make about one tonne of cheese.

The cheese is not pressed like cheddar which leaves small air pockets within the cheese.

These air pockets are where the mould will grow after some time of being left.

Presenter Andrea said: “The next stage is called sealing the cheese, this stops oxygen getting in which the mould needs to grow.”

Once sealed, the cheese is then moved to a special room where it ripens for 12 weeks before the last stage.

Little holes are made in the cheese, helping the oxygen into the food which enables the mould to grow.

Twitter users were amazed with the process, with one person tweeting: “This is fascinating, I didn’t even think that is how it was made!”

Another said: “Food Unwrapped showing how the cheese is made, looks quite processed.”

“No wonder blue cheese is quite expensive, it takes so long to make,” commented a third.

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