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Football fans risk spreading covid while festivals recognised for safety


Professor Ravindra Gupta accused the game’s authorities of showing “contempt” for supporters’ health by ignoring the risk of spreading the bug. He believes clubs could be creating “super-spreader” conditions by failing to check whether fans are fully vaccinated or have had negative tests.

Meanwhile, youngsters at the Leeds and Reading music festivals this weekend can bag a jab  having proved they are Covid free to access the sites.

Prof Gupta, who sits on the Government’s Nervtag advisory committee, warned slack safety at other mass events like the football could lead to yet another lockdown. 

Only three clubs  Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal  ask for evidence from fans of their status.

He said: “The Premier League’s decision not to force clubs to demand proof of vaccination or negative test results is really irresponsible. 

“Other places are already asking for vaccine status and test results  I’m thinking of the Reading Festival this weekend  so why shouldn’t the same be in place for mass gatherings like football matches?”

More than 9,000 UK Covid cases have been linked to the Euros.

Public Health England says the tournament’s final seven games spawned more than 85 percent of infections related to outdoor sport. 

The Premier League insists fans should not attend if they are infectious and should be prepared to prove their status.

The league was asked to comment on the criticism.

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