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From today, Sky Q has one advantage over Virgin Media, BT and Freesat


However, if you’re with Sky your access to the channel will continue uninterrupted. Last week, Virgin Media customers began seeing a message on-screen when they headed to the CNN channel warning them it was soon being delisted.

The message said: “HEADS UP! This channel will no longer be available on Virgin Media after 31st August 2021.”

And the news hasn’t gone down well with a number of Virgin Media customers, who took to the community forums online to voice their disappointment. One posted: “I just saw a small note on the bottom of my tv screen early this morning that, as of August 31, CNN will no longer be available on Virgin. I depend on CNN. Is it available if we pay extra for it?”

While another wrote: “Just noticed that too and have been trying to find out what’s going on. If this is no longer available, I will be cancelling my contract, as this is the channel I watch most.”

One added: “I too will be cancelling my contract and going back to Sky if this is the only way I can view CNN. I have this channel on most of the day and night and record Chris Cuomo Primetime and Don Lemon during the night. Absolutely livid!!!”

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