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‘Frosty’: Joe Biden’s body language shows ‘tension’ as he meets Putin for first time


Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin met today for the first time to attend a summit held in Geneva. The body language of the Presidents may have shown a glimpse into their new relationship.

“When the men emerged for their handshake, the Swiss president stood between them like a supply teacher placed between two unruly children, pointing them into their spots on the stairs and only darting off quickly just before the handshake between the two world leaders who had looked intent on ignoring each other.”

When the two senior politicians were seen together alone, Judi claimed the union may not have been easy-going.

In fact, she suggested there were signs of “tension” in the body language of the US President.


This was visible when the two came together to shake hands.

“Biden’s smiles were mainly rictus ones to suggest tension,” Judi continued.

“When his mouth dropped it became a mouth clamp with the corners pulled down, making him look mournful.

“He leant in for the shake, instigating the clasping of the hands using a cocked thumb to suggest some confidence although he also tried to close the greeting ritual down quickly, raising his other hand several times to gesture for them to get off into the building.”

She also claimed Putin presented “power poses” while Biden looked “less relaxed”.

The expert continued: “There was little eye contact or non-verbal communication between the two men.

“This lack of eye-attention and engagement was continued during the frosty photo-call when both sat staring out.

“Putin was in a relaxed power pose, with his legs splayed and stretched, and Biden in a less relaxed and more self-protective pose with his legs crossed and his arm across his lap.”

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