Home News Furious caller launches tirade against ‘idiot’ Piers Morgan after Meghan Ofcom ruling

Furious caller launches tirade against ‘idiot’ Piers Morgan after Meghan Ofcom ruling


Caller Sean rang into LBC and told Nick Ferrari he did not like Piers Morgan as he shared his views on Meghan Markle and Mr Morgan’s recent Ofcom ruling. The media regulator rejected 58,000 complaints sent their way following Mr Morgan’s condemnation of the Duchess of Sussex after her interview with Oprah Winfrey. Host Mr Ferrari wondered if Sean welcomed the victory for free speech but was failing to convince the angry caller who had plenty to say about Mr Morgan. 

Back in March, Mr Morgan departed from Good Morning Britain following the huge backlash he received after questioning the legitimacy of Meghan Markle’s claims during the Oprah Winfrey interview.

The day after the interview aired, Mr Morgan rejected Meghan’s mental health worries stating he did not “believe a word she said” and said her attacks on the Royal Family were “contemptible”.

A record 58,000 complaints were then sent to Ofcom with one reportedly from the Duchess of Sussex herself.

However, the media regulator rejected all of the complaints this week stating they did not want to stifle national debate but made it clear they did not necessarily agree with the points made.

Caller Sean rang into LBC with Mr Ferrari wondering if he welcomed the verdict.

Sean said Mr Morgan should be “fired” before telling the LBC presenter he “doesn’t like the bloke”. 

A confused Mr Ferrari, who noted Mr Morgan had already been fired from Good Morning Britain, said Mr Morgan was “only expressing an opinion” which should be allowed. 

Sean once again rejected the notion and said: “At the end of the day, he has learnt nothing as he has come out with ‘Princess Pinnochio’ yesterday, the man’s an idiot, he doesn’t know what he is saying.”

Mr Morgan said in a statement shortly after the verdict: “This is a resounding victory for free speech and a resounding defeat for Princess Pinocchio.”

Mr Ferrari wanted Sean to explain why Mr Morgan was not allowed a view that was different to Meghan Markle’s as the caller took issue with how the ITV presenter “said it”. 

Sean then branded Mr Morgan’s outburst as “racist” and once again took issue with the way Mr Morgan “said it”.

During her sit-down with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year, Meghan Markle claimed she struggled with her mental health while in the Royal Family and was denied help despite asking for it. 

The Duchess of Sussex explained to the US chat show star that she told Prince Harry she “didn’t want to be alive anymore” and forced herself to go to an event for fear of being left alone.

Meghan claimed the Buckingham Palace Human Resources team did not give her the help she asked for because it “wouldn’t be good for the institution”. 

She said, eventually, she was “saved” by Prince Harry after the couple quit the Royal Family for good.

Mr Morgan attacked Meghan’s claims the day after the interview aired which saw him clash with GMB weatherman Alex Beresford. 

Mr Morgan also stormed out of the GMB studio when Mr Beresford confronted him with his history with Meghan stating she did not talk about him.

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