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Gardening expert shares ‘brutal’ tip to encourage tomato plant to fruit – ‘chop them off!’


Gardening expert Jane Perrone has shared her top tips exclusively with Express.co.uk for looking after tomatoes at this time of year. Jane was working alongside Mash Direct, who launched a campaign to get people across the country growing their own vegetables and herbs. The gardening pro said the “main thing” tomato plant owners need to worry about is whether the plants have enough food and drink.

Tomato plant owners should also aim to keep a “close eye” on their plants as they form.

If you’re growing a cordon tomato which grows upwards with one main stem, then you have to “pinch them out”.

Cordon tomatoes are simply those that are trained to grow upwards and put all their attention into flowering and fruiting rather than having extra side shoots.

These plants usually require canes, wire or bamboo to help secure them.

“Four flower stalks going up the stem.

“Count up, and once you’ve got four, chop off the top of the plant.

“It sounds brutal but the idea there is, once you’ve got those four trusses growing you want all the plant’s energy to go into those four trusses.

“The fifth, the sixth, the seventh truss the plant produces probably won’t ripen before frost sets in.”

Mash Direct, the award-winning ‘field-to-fork’ vegetable accompaniments brand, launched the ‘Grow Your Own’ campaign to encourage more people across the UK to grow their own vegetables and herbs and to increase their vegetable intake to harness the associated health and wellbeing benefits.

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