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GB News’ Alex Phillips rages at ‘boorish’ cancel culture ‘They call us far right!’


Former Brexit Party MEP Alex Phillips has raged at Brits who have branded GB News as “far right” in a fiery rant on her afternoon show. She revealed that guests invited to onto her programme “point blank refuse” to attend. The presenter noted that their refusal fuels the political imbalance and tribalism in politics.

Ms Phillips said: “Today, the constant barrage of identity politics and ludicrous name calling that has entered political discourse, concentrated into a series of boorish soundbites and inflammatory clickbait, has seen the centre ground allegedly collapse and pushed all the noise to the fringes.

“Whether or not you identify with being left wing or right wing, it’s almost demanded today that you pick a side and subscribe to a drop down list of ideologies, whether you naturally adhere to them or not.

“The terms left and right have become insults in themselves, with constantly creeping cancel culture meaning that, rather than talk, the two supposedly combative cabals often determine it’s perfectly acceptable to not even countenance interacting with the perceived other side.

“I should know. The amount of people who want to paint this channel as far right sees lots of potential contributors I invite onto the programme to give their valuable contribution often point blank refuse to even contemplate talking to me, feeding into a self-fulfilling prophecy of political imbalance.”

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She continued: “The term right wing has now become synonymous with hate, selfishness, lack of compassion, greed and xenophobia.

“Whereas left wing invites a sense of moral superiority, ascribed self-righteousness, snowflake, laziness, jealousy and bitterness.

“The toxic titration, fed and amplified by the algorithms of social media, betrays our true human condition of being a societal animal, where in reality, more unites us than divides us.

“It also continues to feed into an expectation of loyalty that denies the organic venn diagram of opinion that is more reflective of us as critically thinking individuals.

One wrote: “All I know is that I listen to MPs in parliament from all sides and go yeah I agree with what they are saying regardless of what party they are from.”

Another added: “Aren’t politicians in it for themselves? They never do what they say.”

A third person said: “We certainly need something new.

“Brexit wasn’t even a wet fart, nevermind an earthquake.”

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