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Gemini September horoscope 2021: What’s in store for Gemini this month?


Geminis can expect cosy time with loved ones, secret affairs, and career advancements this month. Express.co.uk chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex Milford (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to find out the Gemini September horoscope for 2021.

The month begins with a New Moon in Virgo occurring in the early hours of Tuesday, September 7, and you’ll be inspired to apply yourself to your living space and have a serious declutter!

Bex said: “New Moons signal fresh starts and Virgo energy encourages organisation, prioritising neatness and cleanliness.

“This Moon is taking place in your fourth house, at the base of your chart – the ‘foundation’, essentially – so don’t be surprised if you are drawn to interior design, redecoration, or even start searching for other properties on the market!

“This New Moon may also make you crave more time with your family, or simply quiet time retreating into privacy with your loved ones, so embrace your reclusive side and organise a quiet dinner party, movie night in, or family get-together.

“When you’re setting your intentions for the rest of the month then focus on your long-term goals and where you can imagine rooting yourself in the next few years, and this is the perfect time to manifest your dream life into existence.”

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On September 10, Venus – the planet that rules harmony, money and relationships – moves into Scorpio, which activates your sixth house of routine and work.

Bex said: “When Venus is in Scorpio her usual sensual nature is transformed into something slightly more seductive, and intense.

“You’ll have a kind of magnetic, alluring energy especially in the workplace, and may find you have an uncanny ability to connect to an almost psychic understanding of people’s psychology or hidden motivations.

“If ever an affair was going to happen in the workplace or you were going to sneakily cop off with a colleague, now would be the time!

“You can use this energy wisely to help you get to the bottom of situations and cut through the crap, but beware of creating drama just because you’re a bit bored and crave some kind of excitement!”

Your professional life is in the spotlight even more around September 21, when we welcome a Harvest Moon in Pisces in the early hours.

Full Moons signify endings, culminations and breaking of bonds, and this lunar event is focused on your ambitions, achievements and career choices.

Bex said: “You may finish a project, end a contract, or draw a line under some aspect of your business, ready for something new sparkling on the horizon.

“If you’ve been thinking about switching up your job role then now’s the time to really consider how you’d like to progress moving forward.

“With the Moon happening in Pisces it’s a chance to wash away those limiting beliefs that hinder us from properly chasing our dream career and believing that success can indeed be hours.

“Use this Moon to consider what it is that’s holding you back on your journey to success – are you standing in your way because you don’t believe in your own skills?”

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Romance, artistic endeavours, activities involving children and self-expression all come into the spotlight right now, Bex said.

The astrologer explained: “Since Libra is concerned with balance, you should use this time to notice how much time you allot to your inner child.

“Are you ever creative just for the pure joy of it? The end of September is all about connecting with this side of yourself, so let a little levity into your life and relish the sensation of the season’s changing!”

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