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Gmail and Outlook users hit by alarming new email threat and it’s worrying experts


This new trick, which has been named vishing, has now got experts worried with the team at Kaspersky saying there’s been an influx of rogue emails being pushed out to consumers.

Getting people to phone a number makes scamming far more effective and efficient for cyber thieves as they can simply sit and wait for the calls to come in and that’s why this method looks set to become more popular in the future.

Explaining more about the threat Kaspersky’s Roman Dedenok said: “We recently detected several waves of spam e-mails, seemingly from reputable companies, notifying recipients of substantial purchases. The item in question is usually a high-end device such as the latest Apple Watch or a gaming laptop purchased from Amazon or paid for through PayPal.

“The scam relies on recipients being so alarmed by the not-insubstantial loss that they will act rashly, hoping to get their money back.”

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