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Halo Infinite Campaign release date and time: When does Halo Campaign come out on Xbox?


While some of the game is available to play right now, gamers are still waiting for the Halo Infinite Campaign release date.

In a surprise move, Microsoft decided to launch the multiplayer side of the game early in beta, and fans of the popular shooter are busily smashing through the content available.

But the big news for this week is that the final chunk of the new Halo Infinite experience will be going live very soon on Xbox consoles and Steam.

The thing that makes this launch even more exciting is that the Halo Infinite campaign will be available to play on Day One via Xbox Game Pass.

That means any subscriber can grab the brand new AAA experience later this week at no extra cost, making for a tantalising deal.

Some features will be missing at launch, with Microsoft confirming that the co-op campaign experience will not be an option.

A recent message from the team confirms how the game will look, with 343 Industries revealing to fans earlier this year:

“As far as our artistic goals for the campaign goes, we have focused on two key themes, “Legacy” and “Simplicity”, when it comes to the visual experience we are building. For “Legacy” we really want players to feel like they are experiencing a game that they remember fondly (Halo: Combat Evolved), but with modernized graphics of course.

“As far as “Simplicity” is concerned, we wanted to ensure that we steer away from overly noisy designs and details which is a key takeaway for the team coming off Halo 5.

“With Halo Infinite, we wanted to take this new adventure back to its roots and create a visually pleasing experience that doesn’t overwhelm with unnecessary complexity where readability and clear artistic composition prevail. This is our artistic interpretation of a beautiful world to exist within – rather than something that is purely grounded in photorealism.

“When all hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, Master Chief is ready to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced. Begin anew and step inside the armor of humanity’s greatest hero to experience an epic adventure and finally explore the scale of the Halo ring itself.”


Microsoft has confirmed that the Halo Infinite Campaign release date has been scheduled for Wednesday, December 8.

This is a launch window shared for all platforms, including Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Steam PC.

And the Halo Campaign release time has also been confirmed for 6pm GMT, or 10am PDT if you live in North America.

There has been nothing posted from the Halo development team suggesting gamers using Xbox Game Pass will have to wait longer.

There have been short delays in the past but this is likely down to technical requirements for the platform, rather than a need to hold a product back.

Based on what has been shared, the Halo Infinite Campaign will be available via Xbox Game Pass on PC, Xbox console and Cloud devices.

This means you could start your next Master Chief adventure on your mobile phone, a marked difference in accessibility from when Guardians were released in 2016.

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