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High cholesterol: One of the healthiest dairy products to lower levels and fat burning


LDL is harmful cholesterol that can build up in your blood vessels, increasing your risk of a heart attack. HDL is a healthy form of cholesterol that removes the bad cholesterol from the blood, delivering it to the liver where it is broken down safely. By controlling your diet and exercising you can encourage your body to produce more healthy cholesterol including eating more of this tasty snack.

Other studies have found yogurt’s ability to lower cholesterol could be attributed to its probiotic content,

One UK study found that two daily doses of a probiotic lowered key cholesterol-bearing molecules in the blood, as well as levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or “bad” cholesterol.

The study was not able to determine if the positive effects were due to the probiotics themselves or the yogurt itself, or a combination of both.

In a study published in the National Library of Health, yogurt consumption for a better metabolic profile and lowered cholesterol levels was investigated.

The study involved female participants which approximately 64 percent of them were yogurt consumers.

The study found yogurt consumers had a higher DGAI score (ie, better diet quality) than non-consumers.

“In addition, yogurt consumption was associated with lower levels of circulating triglycerides, glucose, and lower systolic blood pressure and insulin resistance,” said the study.

It concluded: “Yogurt is a good source of several micronutrients and may help to improve diet quality and maintain metabolic well-being as part of a healthy, energy-balanced dietary pattern.”

According to Cleveland Clinic, plain non-fat yogurt is the healthiest choice, whether it is original or Greek style.

Greek yogurt does contain more protein, which can keep you feeling fuller for longer, but both types of yogurt have great protein, probiotic, and calcium content.

Fruit-on-the-bottom yogurts, on the other hand, tend to include extra calories and often contain more than three times the amount of added sugar as plain varieties.

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