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High cholesterol: The ‘classic’ symptoms of high levels in the buttocks


Such a process is called atherosclerosis and, when this occurs to a dangerous level, the oxygenated blood flow from the heart to the lower body is impacted. As such, symptoms begin to occur. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warn of the “classic” signs of high cholesterol in the buttocks. Any pain, aches, or cramps in the buttocks when walking are indicative of high cholesterol and peripheral artery disease (PAD).

Discussing your symptoms with your doctor, a diagnosis might be confirmed after having a non-invasive test called the ankle brachial index (ABI).

The ABI measures the blood pressure in the ankles and compares it to the blood pressure in the arms at rest and after exercise.

Other tests might involve an ultrasound and magnetic resonance angiography (MRA).

The risks of heart attack and stroke are significant when you have high cholesterol.

Therefore, if you are diagnosed with PAD, your doctor may recommend that you take anti-platelet medicines and statins.

The CDC emphasised: “If you smoke, quit.” The health risks associated with smoking are grave and numerous.

Patients with PAD might also need surgery to bypass blocked arteries.

To help improve symptoms of PAD, the CDC recommend getting “plenty of physical activity”.

In addition to moving about, you need to be really careful with what you eat.

As the cholesterol already embedded along arteries are thought to be permanent, you need to make sure you’re not adding to the problem.

If an artery towards the brain becomes completely blocked by fatty deposits, such as cholesterol, you will have a stroke.

This is why you are better off eating seafood than red meat, and fruits and vegetables.

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