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‘Holiday from hell’ Woman blasts horrific UK weekend getaway – ‘Not even fit for animals’


Carly Denham, from East Derby, has spoken out on her “holiday from hell” as she and eight other guests arranged a weekend away at The New Royal Windsor Hotel in Blackpool. The nine-party group, including several children, booked two rooms at the promenade hotel from August 13-15 and were said to have been confronted with appalling living conditions.

Upon arriving after a two-hour journey, the group was immediately told they could not check-in to their £548 stay due to one of the rooms having smashed glass inside, Ms Denham told Lancashire Live.

She said: “The minute we walked through I just thought ‘oh my god’, I turned to my friend and we both just thought, what is this?”

In a statement, the hotel said the group were informed the room had “significant damage caused by the previous guests” and they would do their best to sort things out.

When the room became available, Ms Denham claimed a broken mirror had been thrown out of the window and there was fragments of glass “everywhere”.

To make matters worse, she claimed the electricity had gone down, there was no toilet rolls in the bathroom and a kettle was attached to a plug socket on the floor.

Ms Denham insisted when her friend reported the incident to a male member of staff he did not want to know and claimed she was told to fork out another £50 if she wanted to move rooms.

Ms Denham said: “She went downstairs to report it, he’d come up and said to her that the room had been smashed up and it wasn’t his fault.

“If she wanted to move the children into separate rooms – as if that is something you would do – then she would have to pay £50, even though she had just paid £300 for the room.”

The group decided they would spend most of their stay outside of the accommodation and explore Blackpool due to the “horrific experience”, Ms Denham said.

The holidaymakers’ experience then deteriorated further when Ms Denham’s bank card was declined on the Blackpool Pier after she was reportedly charged £50 penalty by the hotel.

The New Royal Windsor Hotel said the fee related to cigarette smoke being detected in the room, something Ms Denham denies.

Ms Denham said: “I came home and I was just crying, I felt so bad for my children. I was apologising to my own children because I’m thinking what have I just taken my children to.

“I wouldn’t even let an animal sleep in there, a rat couldn’t even sleep in there.”

Ms Denham has since created a Facebook group about her experience at the hotel and has been inundated with messages from other disgruntled guests.

In a statement, The Royal Windsor Hotel apologised to guests but reiterated the nine-member party were informed of issues with the room upon arrival.

The hotel said: “In the first instance guests were offered drinks from the bar and were informed that the room had significant damage caused by the previous guests.

“We informed the guests that although the hotel was fully booked, they could find alternative accommodation or wait and we would do our best to accommodate them.

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On the £50 fine issued to Ms Denham, the hotel added: “Our housekeepers came and reported to reception about the smell of cigarettes in this particular bedroom that the guests were staying in. The guests were told that our policy requires a payment of £50 as a fine for smoking in the bedroom.”

The hotel also issued an apology to guests and acknowledged there are issues which need sorting, they said: “We do apologise and are very sorry to hear that our other guests were upset. We are trying our best to improve the standard and service this hotel provides.

“Our hotel is already in the process of ongoing refurbishment, which with ongoing staff training will improve our standard and service considerably over the winter period.”

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