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How to create a dog-friendly garden – expert tips on plants, pots and dog safety


Whether you’re looking for evergreens or bright perennials to return year after year, The Outdoor Look has rounded up their favourite stunning yet safe flowers for both you and your dog to enjoy.

Snapdragons, honeysuckle and cornflower are all perfect for planting in late Summer or early Autumn – making for the perfect bank holiday weekend gardening activity.

Director of The Outdoor Look, Brett Lockwood told Express.co.uk: “If you are looking for some evergreen plants that will bloom every year (and last through Winter), roses and daylilies are options you can plant all year round.

“Camellia is another all-round great option. They are partial to shade and will take a bit of work when you first plant them, but once settled will continue to flower every year with little effort, leaving you with a beautiful garden that’s safe for your dog.”

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