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How to keep squirrels out of the garden – the 4 ways to keep squirrels away


Pesky squirrels devour vegetable patches and birdseed, spread mess across flowerbeds, and can be annoying to your own pets. Keeping pests at bay from your garden can be difficult and does take time, but there are a few methods you can combine to make sure your garden becomes squirrel-free over time.

Don’t feed them

Any food found in your garden – whether it’s meant for them or not – is instantly attractive to squirrels.

Whether you are hanging bird feeders, scattering plant seeds or throwing compostable food scraps away, you are creating opportunities for easy meals, and therefore a reason to come back.

You should weigh your enjoyment of bird watching with the potential to attract pests with uneaten bird seed.

Plant wisely

If you want to keep your flowerbeds looking beautiful but don’t want to attract pests, there are certain plants squirrels hate.

Daffodils have toxins in them that repel squirrels.

They also hate the taste of snowdrops, allium or hyacinth.

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