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How to walk in heels – 12 tips to master walking in high heels


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We all want to rock a pair of killer heels every now and then and are totally envious of the women who effortlessly turn up to work in high heels. If you struggle to keep high heels on for more than an hour or often trip and fall when you wear heels, you aren’t walking properly! Everyone can wear high heels as long as they have the right pair of shoes for you and follow  Emjee Smit, Founder of luxury high heel brand Kaya Capriole’s top 12 tips for walking in heels.  

Wear the right size

Don’t try and squeeze into a pair of heels that are too small for you, as this will give you cuts and blisters.

Equally, a shoe with more than 1cm space between your heel and the back of the shoe is too big for you! If your feet are slipping out of the heels, you can still get blisters because of the friction.

If the heels are too tight or loose around the toes, they don’t fit you. You don’t want too much wiggle space or not enough.

If the sides of your feet are bulging out of the shoes or you can fit a finger or two between your foot and the heel, they don’t fit.

Don’t just buy your regular shoe size when you’re buying heels, be more specific.

Emjee added: “Although, there are tricks that you can use to master walking in higher heels if you’re reaching for the stars. The most obvious hack? Wedges – the training wheels of the high heel world.”

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How to walk in heels:

How to walk in heels: Heels aren’t impossible to walk in – here’s what to do (Image: Getty)

How to walk in heels:

How to walk in heels: Figure out the right size and height for you (Image: Getty)

Focus on your posture and strengthen your core

The most important step is to focus on your posture.

Emjee said: “Keep your head up, shoulders back, chest out and back straight. This might sound simple but it’ll make the world of difference.

“Good posture will help you find balance, making you more stable on your heels.

“It’ll also prevent any unwanted backache the next day! Of course, concentrating on your posture whilst walking isn’t easy… focus on your destination ahead to maintain this concentration without stumbling, choosing something specific in the distance to concentrate on.

“You simply need to keep your new-found height in mind and remember that your whole body is adjusting, this will require a little extra concentration all-round.”

You’ll need a strong core to comfortably work in heels, so work on your core!

Emjee said: “Pilates and yoga really can help you walk in your fabulous new pair of high heels.”

How to walk in heels:

How to walk in heels: To find out your healthy heel height, divide your height by your leg length and times by 10 (Image: Kaya Capriole)

How to walk in heels:

How to walk in heels: Relax your foot and extend your leg to find out your maximum heel height (Image: Kaya Capriole)

Enjoy some foot workouts 

Don’t just workout your core, specifically work out your feet! 

Emjee said: “Your high heel-focused exercise needn’t begin nor end with yoga. Instead – or alongside these workouts – you can also do some foot exercises that’ll leave you gliding in your heels, not stumbling.

“For example, while you’re watching TV consider doing some calf raises. Stand with your feet hip-distance apart and rise onto the balls of your feet. Then, lower your heels back onto the ground slowly.

“Do this several times, in sets of 20, and you’ll gradually increase your ankles’ strength and high heel resilience.

“Similarly, you can do ankle rotations any time of day! Rotate your foot through its entire range of motion, flexing your toes too. Whether you’re sat at your office desk or having a delicious dinner, quick sets of these will make walking in heels easier than ever before.”

Relax your hips and knees

Let those stiff, robot hips and knees relax as you walk!

Emjee said: “This will make your movements more natural and less strained. If your heels land on the ground with more force, because you’re walking unnaturally, this will leave you feeling more wobbly… relaxed movement really will inspire comfort.”

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How to walk in heels:

How to walk in heels: Keep your eyes on your goal destination rather than looking down (Image: Getty)

Quality over quantity 

Prioritise quality over quantity for long-lasting, comfortable wear.

Emjee said: “It’s incredibly important to remember that confidence comes from within; choose an elegant, beautiful pair of shoes that you’re in love with and you’ll naturally feel more comfortable.

“Similarly, find a brand which utilises premium, sustainable materials, this will ensure the shoes are of better quality, making them easier (and less painful) to walk in.

“High-quality shoes are also more durable, meaning they won’t deteriorate and become more difficult to walk in overtime.

“You want to be able to wear your shoes endlessly and still wear them – this comes from investing in shoes, not frivolous purchases.”


Practice really does make perfect when it comes to wearing heels.

Emjee explained: “Wear your shoes around the house to get used to how they feel. I would also recommend walking around your house on the balls of your feet to improve not only your balance but the muscles in your calves and feet.

“Furthermore, these exercises will help when you tackle uncertain terrains in your heels: for example, when you discover cobbled paths or uneven pavements during your summertime adventures, you won’t have to worry about falling victim to the wobbly mishap.”

How to walk in heels:

How to walk in heels: Platforms are your best bet (Image: Kaya Capriole)

Y step method

You need to think about how you walk in heels and practise the Y-step method.

Emjee said: “Every time you take a step, ‘land’ on the outer border of your heel and toe, placing your foot directly in line with your centre with each step – this will help to keep you balanced. Imagine you’re walking an invisible straight line if this feels a little odd!”


Platform heels are the best choice for those who really struggle when it comes to walking in heels.

Emjee said: “Walking in platforms is known to be much comfier, for it puts less of a strain on your foot. If you’re looking for a quick fix, that’s it!”

Consider insoles

If you purchase high-quality high heels with premium materials then they’ll naturally be comfier but you might find that you’re personally comfier with insoles, especially if you have flat feet.

Emjee said: “Insoles add more of a natural curvature to your foot, whilst eliminating any risk of ‘rubbing’ if you’re prone to blisters.

“To find out where you should be positioning your insoles, walk around in your high heels and consider where, if anywhere, your feet are hurting and where you feel they could benefit from some additional support.”

Blow-dry your leather

Investing in leather high heels comes with an added perk – you can blow-dry your brand-new heels to warm them up and loosen them!

Emjee said: “Blow drying your leather heels will make your purchase comfier than ever. Be careful though, you don’t want to damage your gorgeous new shoes.

“Don’t make the air too hot and blow dry them from a distance. Also, remember that this is a ‘no other choice’ solution.

“If you can, I would spend more time walking around in your new heels before wearing them out. This will allow your heels to naturally loosen.” 

Don’t rush 

When walking in high heels, it’s easy to panic and take lots of quick steps in an effort to master the art instantaneously.

Emjee said: “To successfully walk in heels, you actually need to take your time with small steps and don’t rush yourself.

“By taking larger steps and not letting yourself become flustered, you can concentrate and more easily walk in your heels.” 

Look after your feet

 You can’t expect unpedicured feet to cope well in high heels, so prepare and care for your feet before and you wear them.

Emjee explained: “After a big night out, soak your feet, treat yourself to a massage and moisturise-away. If your feet are relaxed, you will be too!”

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