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‘I am going to die’: Steven Coogan opens up on his health struggle


On the flip side, alcohol and depressant drugs can increase feelings of sadness and fatigue, and people can experience depression as the effects of drugs wear off or as they face the impact of addiction.

Depression that is triggered by substance abuse may correct itself once the drug problem is treated, said Aaron Sternlicht, a therapist and co-founder of Family Addiction Specialist.

“It’s not so easy if you have turned to drugs or alcohol to cope with depression.

“Since alcohol and drugs release feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain, they can help numb unpleasant emotions and release feelings of euphoria.

“Unfortunately, using substances to cope with depression is a short-term solution that ends up with long-term consequences.

“As the individual becomes increasingly dependent on the substance, their low mood actually can exacerbate.”

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