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‘I fought it’ Shang-Chi star Simu Liu called for character change


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings cemented the titular hero as the kung-fu master he is known to be in the Marvel comics. Liu portrayed the hero as a noble warrior who would stop at nothing to save innocent lives. However, the 32-year-old actor had a big issue with the character’s footwear in the design stages of the film.

Liu revealed in a new interview that he was not happy with Shang-Chi wearing Air Jordans.

He said: “I fought against it initially. I remember doing the costume fitting and being like: ‘Is he the first superhero to wear running shoes?'”

According to Inverse, Aaron Taylor-Johnson was the first on-screen Marvel hero to wear Adidas shoes as Quicksilver. Tony Stark has no doubt sported some sneakers during his time in the Iron Man suit, as well. And how many pairs of Converse has Bruce Banner’s Hulk busted through?

Liu went on: “He should be wearing, like, battle boots or something. I didn’t see it the way they saw it.” (Via Inverse)

Eventually, seeing something made the Chinese-Canadian actor change his mind about the shoes.

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Once Liu saw himself on-screen in the outfit after doing some shooting, he changed his tune.

He went on: “As we got into production, I was like, oh, it’s actually really cool. It makes him relatable.”

The publication also spoke to concept designer Andy Park who researched and designed how Shang-Chi ought to look as a young, millennial superhero in America from China.

Although the trainers were not changed in Shang-Chi, some deleted scenes showed off some unexpected events that were originally planned for the film.

One deleted scene showed Shang-Chi eating dinner with his father, Wenu (Toney Leung), while discussing his adopted son.

Yes, that’s right: Shang-Chi had an adopted brother. And viewers have already spent a lot of time getting to know him.

The deleted clip, which can be seen above, revealed the villain Razorfist is actually Wenwu’s adopted son.

Shang-Chi writer Destin Daniel Cretton has recently spoken out about this enormous change.

He said: “I mean, at one point, there was a moment when Shang-Chi had a brother that was left behind with Dad rather than a sister.

“That was early on. And there’s inspirations from the comics for that character. And I think the brother, like, turned into a monster at one point.”

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is on Disney Plus now.


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