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Icarus Steam release time confirmed for full launch date


“Valuable beyond reckoning, these ‘exotics’ unlocked advanced new technologies and sparked an interstellar gold rush.

The First Cohort were the first to arrive on Icarus. Part-adventurer, part prospector, they came alone and in groups, seeking their fortunes: dropping to the surface on limited-time permits, harvesting the planet’s resources to survive and extracting exotics before returning to space. In orbit, exotics unlock advanced tech to take on ever more challenging drops.”

And here are some of the features and content that will be available when the survival sim server go live this week:

Launch Content

At launch Icarus will have 64 square kilometers of terrain to explore, over 35 missions ranging from days to weeks in duration, over 240 talents, 6 different building materials, over 95 building pieces, 40 weapon and ammunition types, 35 armor set pieces, 15 crafting benches, more than 140 other items to craft, 11 different minerals to mine and support for nine languages.

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