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Inside RHS Garden Bridgewater: Huge gardens created in The Great Northern Garden Build


What is the RHS Garden Bridgewater? RHS Garden Bridgewater was created by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

It’s the fifth garden created by the society and, according to the group, one of the “largest gardening projects undertaken in Europe in recent years.”

One hundred and fifty-four acres have been transformed into gardens for the local community.

It sits on the Worsley New Hall estate, in Salford.

The new gardens include so many exciting features, which take into account the site heritage while making it a resource of the future.

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The huge maze of shrubs has a central square fountain.

The Paradise Garden on the grounds blends Mediterranean and Asiatic planting, drawing inspiration for the earliest known gardens.

It features of naturalistic design, created with 27,000 plants.

It is full of bright, exotic plants, including Iris Superstition and Assam Orange.

Speaking in a video in partnership with Waitrose a few years ago, Alan explained the best ways to feed your plants and flowers.

Alan explained that flowers grown in borders in spring are low, but with the right food, they can grow to become very tall.

The expert gardener said: “That spring feed will get your border off to a flying start.”

Alan showed audiences how to get started with growing a flower border in a big pot.

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