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Instagram Playback launches TODAY: New feature rounds up YOUR best Stories of 2021


Instagram Playback is a brand new end-of-year feature that has debuted on the hugely popular social network today. Taking a leaf out of other popular end-of-year round-ups like Spotify Wrapped, Instagram Playback is available on the Instagram app for iOS and Android devices, and will highlight some of the top moments users shared through Instagram Stories this year. You will be able to view your Instagram Playback 2021 right now, and can customise it before sharing it with your friends.

A maximum of ten Stories can be featured in Instagram Playback which sums up your year, shows whom you shared these moments with and places you explored.

To add new Stories to your Playback, you will be able to rummage through your Stories archive – and if you see one you want to highlight you simply need to click on the 2021 sticker to view it and post to your Playback story.

From today, when you log in to the Instagram app you’ll be greeted with a message which says: “View your 2021 Playback.

“To help you look back on your special moments this year, we created a Playback from your 2021 stories. You can choose to add or remove stories before sharing.”

If you like the sound of this new feature, then don’t wait too long to try it out.

That’s because Instagram 2021 Playback is a limited-time feature that is only available for a few weeks to help users reflect on the past year, and celebrate any special moments in particular.

Today’s news marks the first time that Instagram has released its own custom-made end-of-year round-up tool, with users previously having to rely on third-party offerings if they got misty-eyed towards the end of a year.

The go-to choice for Instagram users for many years has been Top Nine, a third-party tool that securely looks through your Instagram posts to find your best nine images of the year, and then round it up all in one collage.

The Top Nine tool is available to download right now either via the dedicated Top Nine app or on the more recent Creator Kit app, which bundles together a whole host of other tools that creators will find useful.

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