Home News Investigator slams new Madeleine McCann documentary as ‘speculation’ and ‘nothing new’

Investigator slams new Madeleine McCann documentary as ‘speculation’ and ‘nothing new’


Mr Williams-Thomas also discovered that the phone call on the night in question could have been made within a 35km radius of the Praia da Luz phone mast – meaning that the call, even if attributed to Brueckner, could not place him exactly at the scene.

When queried about the phone call, Hans Christian Wolters told the documentary there was “always a possibility” someone else used it and that it “doesn’t give us an exactly location” of where the call was made.

However, he said investigators had found a witness who saw Brueckner using the number, but not on May 3, 2007. Mr Wolters added: “We still assume that Christian B was using this number on the evening of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.”

Asked if this could still be used to place Brueckner, he said: “Yes, from what we know, this is right, but we need the other person, so that this person can tell us who he was talking to.” Mr Wolters also revealed that investigators had other evidence that they had not yet made public, though no forensic evidence.

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