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Is my car compatible with E10 fuel? How to check as just DAYS to go before change


What cars can’t use E10?

Some classic cars and older vehicles cannot use E10 as it could damage the engine.

Mopeds and a few cars from the early 2000s are also incompatible with E10.

These drivers may have to pay for the more expensive ‘super’ grade premium fuel.

Does E10 damage engines if used in incompatible vehicles?

It seems that most cars will still run on E10 even if the engine is incompatible, but using E10 in an unsuitable vehicle can result in damage to seals, plastics and metals.

Putting E10 in an incompatible vehicle is unlikely to be an utter disaster, but it can be inconvenient.

It may cause some pre-detonation (also known as pinging – because of the noise it makes). It could cause rough running and make cold starting more difficult.

If you accidentally put E10 fuel in an unsuitable vehicle, don’t panic. Once the tank is down to one third or half full, simply top it up with the correct fuel. This shouldn’t cause any long-term problems.

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