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‘It’s a waste of money!’ Historian slams British museums over statue ‘whiteness’ explainer


A leading historian has slammed the University of Cambridge after the world-renowned university bowed down to “radical left-wing theory”. The University of Cambridge sparked an outcry this week after its archaeology museum decided to add signs to explain the “whiteness” of sculpture plaster casts. The decision is among a raft of moves from Cambridge University as part of its Classics Faculty’s new anti-racism strategy.

Professor Alan Sked, from the London School of Economics (LSE), mocked the decision during an interview with RT.

He said: “There was diversity in Ancient Greece and Rome but you can’t have diversity among statues that are made out of plaster cast.

“This obsession with identity has meant that the university has fallen into line with radical left-wing theorists.

“Rather than pay attention to what actually happened in Ancient Greece and Rome, their minds have been distracted by modern-day gobbledegook.”

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The professor of history continued: “It’s a waste of time and money.

“Why should you have to explain to anyone other than an idiot that plaster cast is white?

“For the University of Cambridge degrade itself in this way. It is treating its staff and students like idiots.”

The archaeology museum’s signs hope to explain the lack of diversity among its ancient sculpture plaster casts.

However, the plans have prompted a widespread backlash among Cambridge lecturers who describe the move as “unhinged”.

One anonymous Cambridge academic told The Telegraph: “You might just about understand this coming from a student but the idea that this has been approved by the Faculty is as terrifying as it is comical.

“It is so easy to laugh at this but in laughing, it is easy to overlook how extraordinary it is that one of the finest humanities departments in the Western world is putting this stuff out with an official institutional stamp.”

Also as part of its anti-racist strategy, Classics tutors will now receive training on how to discuss sensitive topics, while a review will be launched into all language used in course titles and materials.

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