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ITV The Masked Singer: TikTok sleuth tells us why he thinks Mushroom is Charlotte Church


A superfan of The Masked Singer, who guessed all celebrity stars correctly bar one in last year’s series, has revealed who he thinks Mushroom is.

Speaking to Bristol Live, Matthew Seaman, who indulges his TikTok followers in impressively thought out theories regarding contestants of the hit Saturday night TV show, dived deep into a theory as to who he thinks is behind Mushroom’s mask.

Matthew said: “So, I believe that Charlotte Church is Mushroom. We’ve heard her say ‘welcome to my woodland’ and ‘I present to you my forest’,

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“Charlotte has her own forest attached to her house in Wales, where she has given birth outdoors (linking to the clue ‘bring new life’) and even set up her own school and learning community: ‘take the panel back to school’.

“In week one, the clue: ‘I just want to bring peace and love man’ could be a reference to her hippy lifestyle, recently turning her Welsh estate into a commune and promoting shared living and socialism.”

Matthew has a keen eye for casually-dropped clues, and his observations of Mushroom’s video tape in the second episode make this clear.

He said: “In the clue package (week 2), there was a bush covered in white W’s, which could be a reference to Charlotte singing at the inauguration of George W. Bush. The milk bottles could be a reference to her appearance in the TV adaptation of ‘Under Milk Wood’, and the naan bread to her appearance alongside Catherine Tate’s Nan.

Do you think Charlotte Church could be Mushroom?

“We had chattering teeth, possibly a reference to her chat-show (The Charlotte Church Show), which ran for 3 seasons. A calendar, in the VT, showed Autumn, Spring and Winter, with the final season missing (most likely a reference to the show’s 3 season tenure).

“A judge’s hammer/gavel was shown, probably hinting at her judging on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Over The Rainbow’. Her clue song was Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’, certainly a connection to Charlotte’s famous hit: ‘Crazy Chick’.”

Matthew says he has built a ‘lovely little community’ of viewers, who watch his TikToks and then discuss clues in the comments.

Overall, he has amassed over 1.5 million likes on the app, with his recent videos garnering hundreds of thousands of views.

Last year, the TikToker correctly broke down evidence that Sausage was Joss Stone, when many believed the crazily costumed contestant was actually Sheridan Smith.

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