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James Dyson lays out plan to rebuild Brexit Britain amid fears ‘China has overtaken us’


The British inventor has described his blueprint to save British innovation and fight back against the current cultural mores that could smother it. Mr is worried that Asian economies could take over the UK as centres for design and excellence. He described how in Singapore 40 percent of graduates are engineers.

He said that this is not the case in Britain, where the figure is four percent.

The Sunday Times has reported Mr Dyson as stating, “if you visit a British university, you see 400 students passing out in media studies and only 30 engineers”.

He added: “I fear China and Korea and other countries will overtake us, if they haven’t already.

“Even the Philippines and Mexico produce more engineers than we do.

“Technology is much harder to develop now, much more complex.

“When I started we were a group of mechanical engineers.

“Now more than 50 percent of our engineers are software or electronics specialists.

“There are also fluid dynamics and battery experts and other scientists.

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“I find it very exciting and quite romantic actually, but no one else does.

“I’ve been at parties where people say, what do you do? I say, well, I’m an engineer and I make things.

“They walk away.

“It’s disappointing.”

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