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James Martin: Chef shares ‘crucial’ tip for ‘authentic’ New York vanilla cheesecake


James Martin, 49, appeared on ITV today to present James Martin’s Saturday Morning. The chef demonstrated to audiences how to make a popular dessert that’s perfect for all the family to enjoy.

James put the rice crackers and sugar in a blender before adding a little melted butter.

The chef placed some greaseproof paper in a cake tin and put the biscuit mixture on top to make the base.

James stressed that there are different types of cheesecakes, but his New York-style version is “much wetter”.

He went on to explain which ingredients should then be used for the cheesecake’s filling.

These are cream cheese, sugar, eggs, cornflour, and sour cream.

“It’s the sour cream that gives it this taste. This distinct sort of sourness,” James said.

“That’s the mixture that you want for your cheesecake.”

James added the full fat cream cheese, sugar, cornflour, eggs, and sour cream all into a bowl.

When putting in the sour cream, he said this was “the crucial bit” for an “authentic” and “classic” American cheesecake.

The chef grated some lemon into the bowl and squeezed it for extra flavour.

He then blended the ingredients using a whisk, “until all the lumps are gone”, and added a little vanilla extract to the mixture too.

James then popped the filling into the cake tin on top of the base.

Lastly, he placed fresh raspberries on top of the cheesecake, which he said were a “fantastic” addition.

James put the fan oven on 160 degrees and recommended baking the cake for an hour, or an hour and 10 minutes.

“What you end up with is your classic New York-style cheesecake,” the chef said.

He added: “We can just finish this off with a little bit of icing sugar over the top.”

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