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James Martin: Chef shares how to make your own beef burgers or skewers in five minutes


James Martin is a much-loved British TV chef from Yorkshire who appears on ITV every Saturday Morning. After showing viewers how to make crab cakes, the Saturday Morning with James Martin host went on to answer his audience’s culinary questions.

The chef then chopped some parsley and added it to the mixture, before seasoning it.

“It needs plenty of seasoning,” James said.

“A nice pinch of salt.”

James added black pepper and the salt, before churning the mixture with his hands.

To add flavour to the koftas, James recommended brushing them with a homemade glaze before putting them on the barbeque or under the grill.

To make this, James advised mixing grated ginger, brown sugar, white wine vinegar, and apricot jam.

The chef explained that the best thing to do is boil all the ingredients together and then slather the mixture on the meat – either the skewers or the burgers.

James said that this gives them a “different and alternative” flavour.

Lastly, put the skewers or burgers under the grill for five to six minutes.

This meal is perfect to eat with salad or other foods outdoors when the weather turns warmer.

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