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Jeremy Vine shuts down anti-vax caller after she was banned from her work Christmas party


A careless anti-vaxxer told Jeremy Vine about her experience of being banned from a Christmas party at work because of her vaccination status. Unvaccinated Sophie from West Yorkshire then shamelessly went as far as likening mandatory coronavirus vaccines to Nazi Germany. She made a bizarre referral to life in Germany under the Nazis’ control and dictatorship between 1933 and 1945 as people were unable to do a string of things.

Sophie feels that people in the UK are increasingly having their hands tight, just like the Jews during Second World War.

She also defended herself against her refusal to get the vaccine, telling the Jeremy Vine on 5 that she is at low risk of contracting the virus because aged 25 or less.

She pulled no punches and said: “Unfortunately, they banned me due to my vaccination status. It’s becoming like Nazi Germany where members of society are not allowed to attend events.

“It’s quite the nearest comparisons I’d say.

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“Countries are locking down citizens, they are not allowing them to attend events in the UK.

“This country is now where people are not allowed to go to hospitals, they are not even allowed to go into their doctor surgery.”

Mr Vine interjected: “That’s a bit of a stretch, Sophie! Germany, Austria and Greece have gone further than us.”

Dr Chris Smith told her of the difference between the UK and other countries: “Germany, Austria and Greece have gone further than us. We haven’t done a lot yet. What are you not allowed to attend, is it just the family Christmas party?”

She explained: “It’s my work’s Christmas party. If you are not vaccinated, you are not allowed to attend.

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Whether Sophie has a point or not is anyone’s guess. But she must be completely oblivious to the fact that Holocaust perpetrators were prosecuted in Germany while whoever refuses to take the jab in the UK can still carry on like before with their life.

Some countries however are about to adopt drastic measures to force everyone to get vaccinated.

To fend off a fourth wave of COVID-19,  Germany will ban the unvaccinated from much of public life such as cinemas, restaurants, leisure facilities, gym and a number of shops from February.

From February 1, vaccination will be officially mandatory in Austria while in Italy people require vaccination in order to access sporting events, nightclubs and shows.

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