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Joe Biden torn apart in savage analysis on first eight months – ‘Only going to get worse’


Republican Jim Jordan, an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump throughout his greatest leadership challenges, ripped into the current US president on Twitter on Tuesday. The congressman posted a series of tweets to his 2.1 million followers, in which he lamented the state of Afghanistan and Biden’s handling of the pandemic.

He began the tweets dismally, warning Americans that ‘it’s only going to get worse.’

Pointing out Biden’s short and so far disastrous political supremacy, Jordan wrote: “Joe Biden’s been in office for eight months. Afghanistan isn’t getting better. The economy isn’t getting better.

“The border crisis isn’t getting better. The crime wave isn’t getting better. Gas prices aren’t getting better.

“And it’s only going to keep getting worse.”

The comments had more than two thousand replies, mostly in disagreement and with claims Afghanistan is better off since Biden pulled out and the economy is growing.

However, others agreed with the politician, with one tweeting: “Shame on those who put him there. My Gran is 73 next year and she didn’t fight two world wars for this.”

As well as ripping into Biden over his poor handling of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Jordan questioned why anyone was still listening to Dr Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor.

Alongside a video of Fauci admitting he “did mispeak” when he said that vaccinated Americans would ensure the end of the pandemic by 2021, Jordan wrote: “15 days to slow the spread = two years. Is anyone still listening to this guy?”

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Jim Jordan has been in office since 2007, serving as a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee since 2020.

He is a founding member of the right leaning and vocally Trump-backing House Freedom Caucus.

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