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Kate Middleton has ’broken tradition’ but brings parenting ‘into a new era’


Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William are well-known to show their children affection in public, breaking traditional royal parenting protocol. However, modern day norms allow the parents to be more relaxed around the royal children in public.

“It is not about showing them a cartoon episode at dinner time to calm them down and avoid loud screaming. It is always about the time you, as parents, spend with your children.

“What you are using to spend this time with them varies between all of us.

“However, often the best way is to do it via something that is interactive between the parents and the children, not with the technology and screens.

“As simple as chasing your kids around the field, and barbecuing marshmallows under the tree, these activities show to your children you are there, and you are bonding with them.”

Throughout lockdown, the royal children’s lives have been kept very private and the video was an insight into what they have been up to.

The expert added: “Not all the time we can take our children out. At home, there are truly many things you can do to make the same impact. For babies and toddlers, using traditional toys such as wooden and soft toys is a great way to create a great context for your bonding time.

“Why not try to mix and match toys to create a story (like how your bunny soft toy went on an adventure in the woods and met other animals), or to create a pretend-play scenario (like the doctor and patients, or chef and their customers).”

Traditionally, members of the Royal Family showing affection towards their children in public would have been frowned upon.

However, the couple are moving with the times and have introduced their own rules when it comes to bringing up George, Charlotte and Louis in the spotlight.

Ivy went on: “William and Kate are the real representation of how modern parents want to raise their children in a way that takes us back beyond when technology existed.

“We can truly reflect on these beautiful moments of joy and discover more ways to bond with our children in a creative way. Every playtime counts.”

Kate looked stunning in the video, wearing a wine red jumper and frilly blouse along with jeans and a wax jacket.

Kate first wore the blouse back in 2019 when she visited the Lake District.

It featured an upright ruffled collar, perfect for pairing under a thick and cosy jumper as the Duchess has on multiple occasions.

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