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Kate Middleton makes ‘statement’ with ‘rare’ citrine ring – and it’s worth £25,000


Kate Middleton often wears her engagement ring paired with her Welsh gold wedding band. Although the Duchess of Cambridge has a large jewellery collection, she rarely wears any other rings. However, one particular citrine ring, which she has worn on rare occasions, could be worth a huge £25,000.

“Natural citrine is quite a rare stone – in most cases it’s a heated Amethyst which is also part of the quartz family.

“However, you get a lot of stone for your money and so is great for statement pieces as Kate sports in images.

“Citrine is what we’d describe as a rich summer colour, although it’s the November birthstone, with it’s hues of golden yellow and earthy orange.

“It’s the perfect stone to match summer outfits.

As well as her citrine ring, Kate also has a gorgeous ruby ring, which she often matches to her outfits.

The Duchess was first spotted wearing the ring back in 2017, while on a tour of Poland.

Roseanna Croft, founder of Roseanna Croft Jewellery, explained: “The Duchess of Cambridge’s ruby ring I estimate to be worth in the region of £35,000 and is a stunning piece of timeless yet on trend jewellery – a step away from the traditional jewels worn by the Royal Family.

“The setting is elegant and really helps the stone to stand proud in the ring with a simple diamond set band accentuating the ruby even more.

“She is thought to have worn it paired with a white Alexander McQueen peplum dress as a nod to the colours of the Polish flag when she was on tour with her family in Poland.”

As well as her ruby ring, Kate also has a ruby stone necklace as well as drop earrings in her collection.

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