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Key sign when eating that you should never ignore – it may be stomach cancer


There are ten main symptoms of stomach cancer, with five key symptoms and five secondary symptoms that may indicate that something is wrong. The first of the main symptoms is one you will experience whilst eating. Known as dysphagia, it means you may have problems swallowing your food e.g., food sticking to the roof of your mouth as you try to swallow it. The second of these main symptoms is heartburn or acid reflux.

Alongside these five symptoms, there are five secondary symptoms to look out for if you think you have a selection of the symptoms already mentioned.

Alongside feeling full very quickly whilst eating, you might experience alongside this a prolonged loss of appetite.

This might be combined with unexplained weight loss that may occur before or after the loss of appetite.

According to the NHS, unintentional weight loss will be a cause for concern if it is more than five percent of your weight over a six-to-twelve-month period.

As a result of the unintentional weight loss and loss appetite, it is likely you will start to experience sensations of feeling unusually tired or the feeling of having no energy.

This tiredness will be the result of having a decreased red-blood cell count.

Another, more obvious secondary symptoms of stomach cancer include a lump at the top of your stomach or tummy area.

This is an area that is easy un-awkward to inspect and recommended if you are experiencing any of the other symptoms we have mentioned so far.

The final secondary symptom of stomach cancer is a pain at the top of your stomach area.

The main risk factors associated with stomach cancer are age with men over fifty the most likely to be diagnosed with the condition.

Furthermore, you’re more likely to get stomach cancer if you have other conditions such as long-term acid reflux, gastritis.

If you have a close relative, such as a parent or sibling, who has had stomach cancer, this will also increase your risk.

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