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Kitty Spencer ‘in control’ at 30 while Princess Diana ‘anxious’ after ‘ruins of marriage’


Kitty Spencer is now around the same age Princess Diana was when she passed away. But was Diana in her 30s the strong persona Kitty incarnates? A body language expert claimed there is a “world of difference between them”.

Kitty Spencer, 30, recently married multimillionaire Michael Lewis, 62, in Italy.

Princess Diana was just 19 when she tied the knot with Prince Charles at St Paul’s Cathedral on July 29, 1981.

According to body language expert Judi James, their non-verbal communication on their wedding day is the complete opposite.

It is indeed very easy to spot the contrast between the utterly beautiful Spencer women as “there is a world of difference between them and not just in their roles as brides.”

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“Kitty and Diana’s body language signals are totally opposite.

“Kitty’s smile is perfect and her eye expression confident.”

Jui continued: “Diana’s smile was more complex.

“We can now see the photos of her best smiles but in-between these were a whole raft of other, fleeting expressions from fear to sadness and a sense of reflection on the massive life step she was taking.”


When she married Prince Charles, “Diana’s control levels were low to the point of non-existent.”

“We saw a young girl being swept along by the tide of the events and coming to terms with the fact that there might be ‘three in this marriage’.”

However, Judi explained when Princess Diana was 30, “more empathy and similarity” with Kitty can be found.

“Diana had emerged from the ruins of her marriage stronger and far less idealistic.

“That girl who grew up on romance novels was much more knowing and wary.

“She might even have been slightly in awe of Kitty, who appears to have got her own life so carefully in check.”

However, Diana’s niece still looks stronger and more confident than the Princess ever was.

“Kitty is a model and a confident woman in her 30s, looking fully in control and able to absorb all the focus and interest with no sign of anxiety or negative emotion.

“With Kitty we are gazing at her beauty but not sharing her moments personally.

“If there is a narrative it is more like a fashion shoot from Vogue,” she said.

“Picking moments to compare with Kitty is to not get the essence of Diana because watching her life was to follow a constantly changing narrative of strong emotions.”

Judi explained that although “Both women would and will be filling fashion and beauty spreads of magazines, the stories and the personalities behind the beauty looks are very different.”

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