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Labour has ‘no way back’ as Brexit ‘exposes party’s contempt for voters’, says Rupert Lowe


Sir Keir Starmer suffered a humiliating defeat in the recent local council elections, as Boris Johnson’s Tories swept all before them. In a stunning series of reversals, the Labour Party lost over 260 councillors, while the Tories picked up almost 300. At the time of writing, the Conservatives had gained control of 13 councils, while Labour had lost overall control of eight.

Adding to Mr Starmer’s woes was his party’s thumping defeat in the Hartlepool by-election.

The Tories received a massive 51.9 percent of the vote share as they crushed Labour in one of its former northern strongholds.

An ex- Brexit Party MEP warned Sir Keir that there was now no way back for his battered party.

The Daily Mail’s Dan Hodges posted: “Let’s face it, Labour are an utter mess. They’re a rabble.

“We have to stop thinking of them as a serious political party and recognise they’re just a glorified student Union.”

GB News Tom Harwood quipped: “Sir Keir yesterday: I take full responsibility.

“Sir Keir today: It was Angela Rayner’s fault.”

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