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Leo September horoscope 2021: What’s in store for Leo this month?


Before this busy period, there’s the magic of a New Moon in Virgo to harness, which takes place in the early hours of September 7.

New Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are next to each other in the same zodiac constellation.

We can use the themes that this sign rules and the energy it brings, so we can set intentions that will serve us well for the next four weeks.

Bex said: “Virgo is all about organisation, honing our skills, and moving past self-criticism in order to achieve our goals.

“During this New Moon, lookout for opportunities to improve your financial situation.

“This might be through utilising your talent and turning it into a money-maker, or having a clear-out of your possessions and selling some unwanted items online!

“Equally, you might feel inspired to make a new purchase during this Moon, especially if it’s geared towards your health or improving your wellbeing. Brand new juicer for all that celery? Go for it!

“You might also find that your self-esteem grows during this New Moon, so embrace this inner confidence to take yourself out of your comfort zone and start something brand new – it’s the ideal time to do so!”

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