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Lidl shopper raves about £1.50 ‘perfect’ fruit and veg box – ‘This would’ve cost me £15’


Discount supermarket Lidl launched its “Too Good to Waste” fruit and vegetable boxes back in 2019 but they are still proving to be extremely popular among customers. One shopper took to social media to share how “perfect” her box was, costing her just £1.50.

“So much variation there, I can count 15 different fruit and veggies,” a third wrote.

Following the trial in 2019, Lidl GB CEO Christian Härtnagel said: “The positive feedback that we have received off the back of our trial has been incredible.

“The really brilliant thing about this initiative is that, not only is it helping to tackle the highly important challenge of food waste, it’s also helping our customers make even more savings.

“Additionally, it’s a great example of how we, as discounter, can use our lean and efficient business model to fulfil our mission to make good, healthy food more affordable and accessible, while acting sustainably.”

The initiative came as part of Lidl’s commitment to cut food waste, like the majority of other supermarkets are also attempting.

Rival discounter Aldi recently trialled a plastic-free zone where customers can fill up dried goods in paper bags as well as reducing the plastic on food items like pizza, yoghurt, fruit, vegetables and steak.

Aldi said: “Plastic packaging plays an important role in protecting products from damage, making sure that they can be transported easily, and helps reduce waste by preserving food for longer.

“However, we are aware of the negative impact that plastic has on the environment, and know this is an issue which matters to our customers.

“As a result, our Buying and Plastic & Packaging teams have been reviewing our entire product range and have taken positive steps to reduce the amount of plastic and packaging we use.”

Customers can now look out for different labels on products which indicates whether the product is recyclable or not as well as if it is plastic free.

Labels include “Improved Product Less Packaging”, “Same Product Less Packaging”, “New Recipe Less Packaging”, “Now Recyclable”, “Plastic Free”, and “Plastic Free Punnet”.

The discounter added: “We at Aldi are fully committed to reducing and removing unnecessary plastic and packaging from our products, which is why we first introduced our pledges back in March 2018.”

Tesco and Sainsbury’s are also working hard to remove plastic from packaging.

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