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Life after death: NDE survivor ‘floated towards bright triangle’ after crashing at 90mph


Jeremain featured on the hit series 24 Hours in A&E. He spoke about his job, revealing: “I’m the best driver. I walk circles around other employers, that’s me. “I do about 25 miles a week easy – no collision not even one, not even a half-one.”

Jeremain described his near death experience when he was younger: “When I was 16, 17 years old I had a sports car, and I was a maniac behind the wheel.

“I didn’t kill anyone but I almost killed myself, but I used to live in the Cayman Islands – that’s where I am originally from.

“I took a corner doing 90 miles an hour, I lost control of the car and it smashed and flipped over and it landed on its top – I saw the radio turning with me.”

He added: “If you have ever seen a car, you would say no way man, there’s no way you came out of there alive.

“All I remember seeing is a big bright white light, there was a little triangle and I went towards it, and I just remember I felt like a snake coming out of the car.

“Definitely God struck and said it’s not your turn yet, it’s not time for you, there’s something else I want you do to before I take you from here. He saved me that night.

“That was my reality check and since then I went straight A, straight A kid no problem. It does take a reality check sometimes to wake a person up.”

On Tuesday night, viewers of the show were left heartbroken as a patient died after filming.

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His death was announced at the end of the show.

The show 24 hours in A&E has been aired on Channel Four since 2011.

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