Home News Litter louts slammed as England fans leave rubbish on city streets

Litter louts slammed as England fans leave rubbish on city streets


Clean-up crews have worked through the night and into the morning to remove seas of rubbish left dumped on roads, pavements and outside businesses. England beat Denmark 2-1 in extra time to secure their place in their first final in 55 years – since winning the World Cup.

Fans partied everywhere after the full-time whistle and, in central Manchester, fireworks were let off and shirts were ripped in joy. Fans downed – and inadvertently threw – alcohol amid the madness, reports Manchester Evening News.

One man scaled a wall to lead the crowd in song in the city centre.

The photos taken late last night show empty beer cans and bottles, empty plastic bags and banners left strewn on the road.

A roadsweeper is seen starting its long journey to clean the mess.

Facebook users have blasted the behaviour.

One posted: “Scenes like this really irritate me.”

Another shared: “Absolutely disgusting.”

A third wrote: “I take they don’t respect our planet.”

But a minority defended the group. 

One person wrote: “It was great night we deserved to celebrate.”

Many fans tried to stay out late to enjoy the win, with a few dozen supporters in Leicester Square climbing on top of a number 9 double-decker bus to Aldwych, cheering and holding a St George’s flag aloft before crowds were broken up by police.

Met Police later said 20 arrests were made in London, with alleged offences including “common assault, public order and assault on police”.

England’s match against Italy will take place on Sunday at 8pm.

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