Home News London horror flood warning as capital could be completely underwater within YEARS

London horror flood warning as capital could be completely underwater within YEARS


Mark Jankovich resigned from his banking job in 2007, after realising that the environment was under serious threat and that individuals needed to make a positive impact. He then made it his mission to start a business that would have a net-positive impact thus Delphis Eco, the UK’s number one manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaning products was born. Delphis Eco was the first company to create 100 per cent single-use plastic and Mr Jankovich said of his business: “We’re pretty OCD when it comes to being eco and green. “Both from a pride perspective and from a social value perspective.”

Mr Jankovich told Express.co.uk his predictions for the future, as the climate crisis takes hold of the planet.

He said: “My doomsday scenario is London doesn’t exist.

“London has been here for 2000 years and in the next 30 to 50 years London won’t exist, because it’s underwater.

“And I think that’s a 100 per cent certainty. I don’t think the Government is able to do anything, they’re not going to be able to change the Thames barrier in time.

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However, despite this horrifying prediction, Mark believes that all is not lost and that although there will undoubtedly be massive changes to the way society operates, we will survive the climate crisis due to the innovation of creative thinkers.

Unlike many environmentalists such as Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who called COP26 a failure and a ‘global greenwashing event’, Mr Jankovich heralded the climate conference as a success due to his belief that “it started with the power in the hands of politicians and ended with the power in the hands of civil society.”

He said: “At COP you had loads of people there that were in the room that had nothing to do with government, but were all going we need to be better.

“You had Formula E there.

“You had JCB showing that they’d come up with a hydrogen digger. That’s got nothing to do with the government.

“So my sense was that it was a huge success because it galvanised and gathered and you had people from all walks of life, all ages there every day, banging the drum saying, We’ve got to fix this.”

Mr Jankovich added: “Innovation moves faster than governments can keep up.

“So, I was hugely positive in coming out around who actually has the power now and the power is with Greta, it’s with the granny worrying about her grandkids.

“It’s with corporates that are going if we don’t do this, customers won’t buy my stuff and if they don’t buy my stuff I’m gonna lose my job.”

Mr Jankovich hailed activists like Greta Thunberg for “making everybody aware that people need to make choices” in regards to the products they consume.

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He added that there are companies ( such as Delphis Eco) where you can make those choices but that a large number of companies are ignorant of the impacts their business models have on the environment.

He said: “We are legally obliged to be net-zero by 2050 and 99 per cent of the UK corporates and or individuals don’t know that so that narrative needs to change.

“We have no choice, we are legally obliged to be net-zero by 2050.”

Mr Jankovich has written a book called Collaborate to Zero which included interviews from entrepreneurs and forward-thinking leaders, pooling their ideas together to help drive change.

He said he has faced many hurdles as an eco-entrepreneur and wants to share with the next generation of creative thinkers.

He said: “We’re going on this journey, and some of it’s going to be hard and some of it’s going to be great.

“But we all we’re all going on this journey together and we can’t leave anybody behind.

“This isn’t a them and us.

“The narrative is we’re going on this journey. We have to get there. We have no choice.

“But the way we’re going to do it is we’re going to see the most incredible kaleidoscope of innovation coming up. We’re gonna see some really cool stuff happening. And old school brands that aren’t innovating are dead.”

“I have had so many hard knocks on my journey. We don’t have time for other people to spend 10 years struggling to make this stuff up.”

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