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Mancunians urged to help Afghan refugees adjust to UK life as hotels reach capacity


Clare Moseley, CEO of emergency aid charity Care 4 Calais, is asking Britons to be compassionate as 20,000 Afghan refugees resettle in the UK over the next five years. Ms Moseley says she has already seen how difficult it is for refugees to adjust to a new country after fleeing their home, with many having to leave their relatives behind.

Ms Moseley told MEN: “Everyone has seen the pictures on the television. They know they will be traumatised, exhausted, worried about friends and family back home. They will be living with that trauma.”

She is asking people to: “Imagine if you were suddenly dropped off in Afghanistan.

“All the smells, sights, sounds, are so incredibly foreign to you. The food is so different, there is a different alphabet, you would not know how to do anything. Then on top of that, you are told you have to spend the rest of your life here.”

She added that she “hopes that will help people to understand”.

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