Home News ‘Maternity’ leave?! Britain’s ‘wokest university’ makes move to ban ‘exclusionary’ term

‘Maternity’ leave?! Britain’s ‘wokest university’ makes move to ban ‘exclusionary’ term


An anonymous academic at Bristol University has allegedly told PhD student Raquel Rosario-Sanchez that despite removing the words “woman”, “she” and “her” from the maternity policy, diversity chiefs ruled that the term “maternity” was now “problematic” and “exclusionary”. Ms Rosario-Sanchez is currently preparing for a sex discrimination and negligence case against the university which is due to take place next month.

She claims that since going public about her concerns, several female academics at the university have contacted her.

One whistleblower claimed that when she pointed out that only a biological woman can give birth, she was reported to human resources bosses for being “transphobic”.

She was later investigated by the university and ordered to apologise, according to Ms Rosario-Sanchez.

In another instance, a female lecturer contacted Ms Rosario-Sanchez after the university reportedly dismissed her complaint about men being allowed in the female changing rooms at the university’s pool.

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This was triggered after she attended feminist meetings that opposed allowing men who identify as women into female-only spaces such as toilets and domestic violence refuges, she said.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday about the latest revelations, she said: “I always thought my case was an anomaly, but then I started to be contacted by more women saying they are being targeted by trans activists or they are being punished by the university for standing up for their feminist views.”

Dr Nicola Williams, spokeswoman for Fair Play For Women, which campaigns for the rights of women and girls, said: “This is surely the wokest university in Britain.”

A university spokesman told the paper said: “Ms Rosario-Sanchez has chosen to take legal action. Given this, we will not comment further.”

A University of Bristol spokesperson said: “Ms Rosario Sanchez has chosen to take legal action against the University. Given this, we will not comment further.

“All concerns about harassment or bullying are taken seriously and action taken in accordance with our University policies. If staff or students have concerns or complaints, we encourage them to raise them directly with us.

“We are committed to making our University a place where all feel safe, welcomed and respected, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability or social background.”

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