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May New Moon horoscope: When is the next New Moon?


The New Moon in May is in Taurus, aligning with the Sun in Taurus. But what date is the next New Moon on, and how will it affect us? Express.co.uk chatted to Moon Mentor and author of Sunday Times Bestseller, Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycles, Kirsty Gallagher (@kirsty_gallagher_ on Instagram) to find out the May New Moon horoscope.

When is the next New Moon?

It’s a big month for every zodiac sign, with a relaxing New Moon and a transformative Full Moon coming up.

The next New Moon is on Tuesday, May 11 at 8pm in the UK and it’s in Taurus.

After that, it will be a Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 26.

This will be the first Lunar Eclipse of the year when the earth is directly between the Sun and the Moon.

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Don’t ignore how drained you feel – Kirsty says it is the Moon’s way of forcing you into taking it easy.

She said: “The purpose of this is to listen to the voice of your intuition and really go inwards.

“This New Moon is going to call you to retreat, to reflect, to slow down, to get still and quiet and listen and to seek the answers within.

“It is under this New Moon that foundations are laid, and you pave the way for change and new beginnings, and these foundations begin within you.

“It is vital under this Moon that you find this deep inner connection to yourself.”

The last New Moon was calling us to open up a new chapter of our lives and the last Full Moon asked us to pause and think about what we want.

Kirsty said: “I know many of you probably feel as if you are in a sacred pause, knowing that something is coming but you’re not sure what or how.

“This is all going to become clear with the Taurus new moon. It’s going to be as though things suddenly click into place – if you get still and quiet enough to listen.

“Use this moon to get rooted in what matters to you, who you are and what you desire, and then trust. Something is coming, you know it deep within you.

“An energy is rising, alchemy is happening, life change is on the horizon. We weren’t ready before, but we are now.

“Lay the foundations for your best life, it’s all out there waiting for you…”

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