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Meal fit for a Queen delivered to Buckingham Palace – her Majesty’s favourite BURGER


The Queen is said to prefer hers served without a bun, so it can be eaten with a knife and fork, and with cranberries as a dressing instead of lashings of ketchup.

As a result, the “Ma’amburger”, created by Foodhub, features two beef patties, cranberry sauce and salad.

And as Queen Liz can’t just walk into any fast-food restaurant, the online takeaway service has gone the extra mile by delivering her beloved burger to Buckingham Palace, butler and all.

Earlier in the year the company reported that the hotly debated gherkin landed inside Brit’s top ten burger toppings, and while this caused a stir with picky pickle haters, the Queen’s cranberry cravings could lead to even further topping controversy.

The royal creation will be available at selected takeaway partners via the app and website for a limited time only to celebrate National Burger Day, on August 26.

Ardian Mula, CEO of Foodhub, said: “With it being National Burger Day, we had to do something special to celebrate everyone’s favourite tasty treat. We know the public love tasting new burgers, so we thought we’d introduce them to one of the Queen’s favourite snacks – which we’ve called the Ma’amburger.

“We’re used to seeing unique food pairings, so we’re always looking out for the next innovation. Once we found out Queen Elizabeth loved a burger with no bun and smothered in cranberry sauce, we knew we had to recreate it and offer our customers the chance to live like royalty for the day.

“We know the Queen often has her burgers made from venison. We made the decision not to use venison in our Ma’amburger because we are making this burger available to the masses, and venison is not as readily available as beef and is also such an acquired taste.

“However, we have added in an extra patty to make up for the missing bun, so Brits can give their tastebuds a royal treat, without going hungry!

“As for the Queen, we’re sure she’ll be happy to see her unique culinary creation being enjoyed by customers nationwide.”

Also, as an extra celebration for National Burger Day, Foodhub are offering all customers 10 percent off burgers on the app and website from August 23-26 – simply add code: NBD21 at the checkout.

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