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Meet the UK dogs taking part in world’s first pet paralympics – and entries are still open


Dogs of all shapes and sizes are being called to take part in the Petsure Games. The competition is designed for dogs who are elderly, disabled or have pre-existing health conditions and will be held from August 27 to 29 at the Bath and West Country Festival.

The Games have been created by Petsure insurance to celebrate our four-legged friends. 

Some of the events will include jumpless jumps and scent-based fetch to accommodate less abled and visually impaired pets.

One determined dog is a three-legged boxer called Tazzie who has been hard at work training for the weaving poles.

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Another hopefull is Slinky, a cockapoo who suffers with a hernia, who will be competing in sniff and fetch.

Legendary cricket commentator Henry Blofeld OBE will be giving his brilliant commentary of the events and TV vet Dr Scott Miller will be on hand to offer any advice to dog owners.

Dr Scott and industry leading dog trainers have been involved with the development of the course to ensure everything is safe and fun.

You can enter your dog here.

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