Home News ‘More bacoff than bacon!’ Ryanair mocked for serving ‘world’s saddest’ sandwich

‘More bacoff than bacon!’ Ryanair mocked for serving ‘world’s saddest’ sandwich


The passenger was flying on the airline when she spent around £4,70 (€5.50) on a bacon sandwich. But she did not get exactly what she was expecting and an image of the sandwich went viral.

Author Liz Nugent posted an image of her friend’s sandwich on social media, according to Dublin Live.

She tweeted: “My pal Aimee paid €5.50 for this bacon sandwich @Ryanair today.

“I’m trying to figure out if it qualifies.”

The image shows one tiny piece of bacon with no butter or sauce on the dry bread.

Ms Nugent joked the sandwich qualified as a “culinary experience” as the tweet was shared more than 120 times in just two days.

The passenger later revealed she ate the sandwich and praised the flight crew.

She tweeted: “I had a lovely flight and the crew were class.

“I just found the sandwich humorous and overpriced. Still ate it though!

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While a third social media user wrote: “Must be the low calorie option.”

Someone else added: “It’s like a thought experiment in how far the concept of ‘bacon sandwich’ can be whittled down before the thing falls apart.

“I’m enjoying Ryanair’s new role as avante garde philosophers.”

Another added: “Almost as concerning for me- apart obvs from the lack of butter or spread or decent filling – is the image I have now of someone tearing a single rasher apart to make it stretch.”

Someone else joked: “It’s more bacoff than bacon.”

While another said: “I love how @Ryanair put the bacon on the ends to make it looks more full.”

Another person wrote: “It’s @Ryanair. The bacon costs extra on a bacon sandwich.”

Others said it cannot be classed as a bacon sandwich but “just a bread roll”.

Someone else tweeted: “Frankly I’d want paying to eat it!”

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