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Most expensive places to buy property in Spain – top 10 priciest streets


Ten of the most exclusive streets to purchase a home in Spain have been identified in a new study by Idealista, a Spanish online property portal. According to the research, Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands, offers some of the priciest properties across the country.

Ranked in third place, is Mozart Street, in Marbella, with properties priced at around €5,932,489.

Last year, the street was unveiled as the most expensive place in Spain to buy property with homes going for €8,416,461.

Marbella is also in the fourth spot, with homes in the Cascada de Camoján development priced at €5,444,000.

A modern-style eight-bedroom detached house, with breath-taking mountain views, which features on Idealista’s website, boasts and indoor pool with eight bathrooms.

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Currently on the market for €5,490,000, the website describes the property as being “conceived with a unique design where the interior blends into the exterior living areas”.

In fifth place is Madrid where high-end homes are priced at €5,248,039 in La Finca, or the Paseo de los Lagos in Pozuelo de Alarcón, as it is also known.

Madrid is also ranked in the sixth spot, with homes going for €4,972,656 in La Moraleja residential development, in Paseo del Conde de los Gaitanes.

A six-bed avant-garde-style home, which is on the market in the area, advertised online by Promora, comes with an asking price of €4,750,000.

In the tenth spot is Majorca, where property in Vía Cornisa de Calvià sells for an average price of €4,608,732.

To conduct the research, Idealista analysed the property prices of homes on streets where a minimum of 10 homes were being sold. 

The website then calculated the average asking price of each street to identify the most expensive.

Top 10 most expensive streets to buy property in Spain

1. Mallorca, homes in Calle Sant – €7,043,750

2. Malaga, homes in the Coto Zagaleta – €7,042,462

3. Marbella, homes in Mozart Street, in Marbella – €5,932,489

4. Marbella, homes in the Cascada de Camoján – €5,444,000

5. Madrid, homes in La Finca –  €5,248,039

6. Madrid homes in La Moraleja residential development – €4,972,656 in La Moraleja residential development

7. Marbella, homes in Calle Cañete – €4,883,602

8. Madrid, homes in La Moraleja – €4,751,654

9. Marbella, homes in the Sierra Blanca development – €4,625,158

10. Majorca, homes in Vía Cornisa de Calvià – €4,608,732

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